7 foot Redwood stump hollowed out for a fish pond  

Redwood 3 legged milk stool 12" X 12" X 20" high

Redwood bowls. A 30" X 20" X 8" deep old growth, and a 12" X 10" X 3" deep.

Redwood stump planters come in many sizes from small 6" to large 48" diameter.

Redwood plank planter with metal butterfly reinforced corners 36" X 8" X 8", and a Redwood stump planter 16" h X 12" diameter.

Redwood limb planter, has hangers. 30" X 10" X 10"

Redwood log planter, can be hung or not. 24" X 8" X 8"

Redwood slab planter  36" X 12" X 8" h

Redwood slab bench the seat is 40" X 12 "  with a 24" w  X 20" h stance 

These benches, planters, and bowls are hand crafted from material we glean from our property during the process of cleaning up the forest.  Each piece is unique and vary in size and price.  Call or e-mail for details, as there are several of each item to choose from.