17. The Mystic Truebudoors - Yoga I

22. The Mystic Truebudoors - Monarch Love

More beautiful vocal songs. Kaira, track 3 was a challenge given to me by a dear friend. To write a song to call in my life partner. About a year later she showed up and we married. Her name is Kanka and she materialized from the lyrics. Thank you again Richard and Lalita for the beautiful support.

7. Seckund Naychur - Avalon:

The third album called Avalon is more musically complex as many of the tracks were musically scripted unlike our one key, home grown raga hey stuff. It’s beautiful. The title track Avalon I actually rewrote from a 40 years prior. There are no surviving recordings of that arrangement. Tommy was brilliant on didge, playing all the different notes in the complex compositions. Beautiful music, thank you Brian and Tommy.

The Mystic Trubudoors, Robert Seals playing guitar, electric sitar, synth sitar, Richard Karst playing sax, keys, electric guitar, flutes, tablas, and doing the engineering, Lalita Karst vocal and percussion, with the addition of Cello John on Cello, and Alex Belden on keys and the Baby Grand piano, did the following seven cd worth of recordings over several days in the studio at Hester Creek.  All of these cd's are beautiful, creative, ambient improvised instrumentals.

The Mystic Truebudoors - 25.  Avalon II - 26. Pabah Star - 27. Shakra Journey III - 28. Asia Minor 29.  Music Without Borders  - 30. Sunrise - 31. Music Without Borders II  

3. Way High Patrol

This band was formed after I had invented the Cool Tool® bicycle repair tool. I eventually sold that product to Fiskars U.S.A. Loch Stock and Barrel. In the final deal, they asked me to form a band to tour the U.S. mountain bike N.O.R.B.A Circuit Tour that went from coast to coast. The band was named Way High Patrol. The music had some bike themes and was all original, written by me. We traveled in a 40-foot school bus that I had torched one entire side of in order to create a fold out platform that became our stage. We coined the phrase “drive by giggings." We sometimes would just show up, drop the stage down and play without even asking permission. After the N.O.R.B.A Circuit Tour ended, I replaced the players with musicians that became the Planet Mechanics.

21. The Mystic Truebudoors - Medicinewheel

Simply put, this CD is a tribute to the Native American people from whom we stole this land. Richard and Lalita Karst are brilliant once again on back up vocals and instruments. The last song, “ Oh Great Spirit” is the one I sing at the massacre sites throughout California. I also did a tour of 21 missions, performing the apology ceremony with the song at each, driven by the urge to heal the atrocities of our past. I’m truly, deeply sorry. AH HO.

1. Sub Zero:

Sub Zero was originally formed as a 4-piece band around 1965 and did some covers mixed with a few originals. There are no existing recordings of this group. Before that, I played in a crazy duo called the Flying Iguanas and I was a solo folk type singer/songwriter doing mainly protest type material.

Sub Zero was sophisticated hippie cult music, with the addition of John Cordes on violin. We played out in Northern California and hit the I-5 corridor. We wound up in Portland in 1969 and eventually cut a vinyl in Portland in an 8-track garage studio. It's pretty much a live recording with little or no dubbing. The Sub Zero name was adopted from a crazy art cult in Europe in the mid 1920’s. I actually had a Sub Zero art group, band and café. The café itself is a good story. I used to sell all the soup you could eat for only $2. What no one knew was that I used to raid the dumpsters at a local produce store and high-grade the compost. I would render soups many people paid good money for, including Van Morrison who ate at the Sub Zero Café when he did a show at the University in Chico while touring. I was the only vegetarian option in town.

I left the Sub Zero band in 1970 or '71 when we returned to Chico from the Portland journey. The Sub Zero music was original, complex, funky and beautiful, with earthy lyrics of protest ahead of its time.




9. Sechund Naychur Live:

This is an upbeat version of our music featuring Tommy, Brian, myself, and a brilliant young percussionist from Chico named Dyami. This album would be our last and covered a 10-year period, which is a great run for any band. The whole Sechund Naychur experience was musically and spiritually changing for me. Thank you again Tommy and Brian. Let’s play again sometime. Tommy joins my new Mystic Truebudoors on occasion at various venues.

33. Wave Tones - Aloha Surfer

A mix of original surf and Hawaiian songs with meanings reflecting the ideology of Mother Natures Temple from Robert Seals, guitar and vocals, Richard Karst, surf guitar, lap steel, vocals, and percussion, Lalita Karst, vocal and percussion.

20. The Mystic Truebudoors - Chakra Journey II.

A different twist on Chakra toning; way more cerebral than Sechund Naychur’s Chakra Journeys. It’s more like the way The Mystic Truebudoors trio plays live yoga, not really a vibrational tonal experience at all. I did write a couple of Sanskrit songs on there, sort of Kirtan like on guitar. I also play real GU zheng, sitar, and synthesizer sitar (my own creation). Enjoy.


2. Bordello 1975-77

Many years went by and I practically gave up on organizing group music and just did some solo stuff. Then I started a new project with a different feeling, as music had changed. I wanted to go for a more show type group with a very erotic theme. This was my attempt at being a singing front man and not playing any instruments. Remember disco? That is what eventually devoured Bordello. The band was tight; we worked hard in the studio and out gigging for about two years. Everyone wanted disco, so live original music was dead. Our timing was wrong. Oh jeez, Bee Gees.

5. Sechund Naychur ~ The Ensemble:

After Planet Mechanics I was ready for a shift in my music, perhaps the most radical shift in my life. I was drawn to droning instruments and instrumentals. I started modifying Jerry Jones Coral sitars; taking off the necks and adding 32” scale 3” wide home made necks, dropping them into sitar type tunings, and achieving long sustain drones. I learned to play scales from all over the world on them. I eventually met Tommy Michaels whom was the best didge player, even to this day, I have ever heard. We began playing around Chico with a new age tribal theme everyone seemed to really enjoy. No vocals at all. We eventually met up with Brian Asher “Gravy” whom played the most brilliant synthesizer guitar I have ever heard even to this day. The three of us became Sechund Naychur and it was instrumental magic proving to be musically and life changing for me. We prided ourselves to being able to do all this music live.

Sechund Naychur’s first CD was made in a basement in Chico done live, 3 cuts on 11/10/01. This was the beginning of our mystical tonal journey.

​24. The Mystic Truebudoors - Hidden Peaks

19. The Mystic Truebudoors - Lotus Dream:

Lotus Dream is beautiful music. Full, rich harmonies and positive conscious lyrics. My songs are supported as never before by this trio. Lalita Karst, Richard Karst, and myself. The title cut is a wonderful instrumental, which holds over from my Sechund Naychur. The album speaks for itself. The vocals are superb.

The first Troubadors band with Robert on guitar and vocals, Hummingbird on keys and vocals, and Cello John on cello.

The next incantation of the Truebudoors had a new spelling, and a female singer.  The music was easy listning..  The ensemble grew out of Sechund Naychur and my 10-year celibacy from singing. The players were Cello Jhon on cello, Anna Meechan on vocals and flute, Tommy Michaels from Sechund Naychur on keys and didge, and myself singing and playing guitar and everything else. This was also the end of my musical career in Chico as venues were really drying up and I was looking for greener musical pastures. 

15. The Truebudoors - Lotus Dream

The Mystic Truebudoors - The Ensemble:

 I have recordings of the early Truebudoors ensemble but decided to not release them until more polished. The polishing happened when I relocated to Santa Cruz and met Richard and Lalita Karst whom are singers extroidiners. Richard plays almost everything exquisitely as well.

8. Sechund Naychur - Yahi Echo:

The area where I lived and built the Goddess Temple was the chaparral foothills seven miles out of Chico on a ridge top along Highway 32. Steep canyons dropped into Big and Little Chico Creek. This was Yana country and the Yahi lived in this area. I spent much time exploring those canyons for evidence of their land before manifest destiny. I have actually found many of the massacre sites and did a ceremony I their honor called The Apology, which is on an album called Medicine Wheel by The Mystic Truebudoors.

Yahi Echo was Sechund Naychur’s tribute to the Yana people. I might add that the Yahi people were completely wiped out by the white westward invasion. I am truly sorry for that and somehow I seem to be holding some responsibility, simply by the fact that I occupy land that our ancestors took from them. I’m deeply, deeply sorry.

​4. Planet Mechanics 1996-1997:

Sid Lewis and I were the authors and arrangers of the music that this group played. However, the CD contains only the songs that I contributed to the group. At this point, I had taken a strong environmental stance in my life, thus the band name and the music. We played around Northern California, but mainly in the Chico area...which could be the demise of any band. Chico is where creativity can go to die. The band worked hard mainly in the studio. The players were accomplished and I thanked them for those times and the music.

6. Seckund Naychur - Chakra Journeys:

The second CD was called Chakra Journeys. This second album was created because Sechund Naychur had become the Northern California new age, yoga band. We were discovering our sound was mesmerizing to yoga and meditation audiences. We started to study the chakras and the vibrations that stimulate and activate them. After extreme research and practice, we came up with Chakra Journeys, which are 7 tonal layers from root to crown each layered with a wide range of instrumentals and frequencies. The album was and still is our number one with many yoga teachers, mediations, lovemakers, and therapists. Meditative and opening.

14. The Truebudoors -Sukhavati

16. The Truebudoors - Medicinewheel

32. The Mystic Truebudooes - Live & Let Pray

A mix of original songs meaningful and melodic, reflecting the themes Mother Nature Temple in various cultures:  India, Hawaii, Africa.

23. The Mystic Truebudoors - Mother Nature's Child  

More beautiful vocal songs. Kaira, track 3 was a challenge given to me by a dear friend. To write a song to call in my life partner. About a year later she showed up and we married. Her name is Kanka and she materialized from the lyrics. Thank you again Richard and Lalita for the beautiful support.

18. The Mystic Truebadoors _ Yoga II

11. Robert Seals and Alex Belden-Open Sea:

When Sechund Naychur was in it’s prime, I started a side project with Alex Belden whom actually sat in with Sechund Naychur at a few shows. Alex had a George Winston style that I still long to play with. On this album Alex plays the keys and I do everything else. It’s a beautiful mix of piano, strings, and exotic and ethnic instrumentals. We did this album live. I plan to do more work with Alex and a Cello player in the future (see cd 25-29). No vocals. If I could do it all over again I’d probably play piano. Thank you Alex.

12. The Troubadors - Live

10. Robert Seals and Chakra Tonal Healing:

This is a more clinical, vibrational tool I developed as a continuation of Sechund Naychur’s Chakra work. It’s way more in depth and fundamental. It basically follows the keys of the 7 chakras doing Gregorian chants in 1-3-5 cycles or put it in the key of C would chant C~~G~~F~~C which is a perfect harmonic mathematical triad. Remember, musical scale was discovered, not invented. Probably one note at a time over thousands of years because it simply felt in accord vibrationally. The music then shifts up one octave and repeats. This same cycle would go up 5 octaves, in about 10 minutes then would go up a step to D, and repeat the cycle in D, moving throught the chakras until the crown chakra key of B is reached. The whole session takes about 1 hour and 10 minutes. But wait, there’s more. This project was designed as I realized to be physical, not cerebral. In other words it needs to be felt instead of heard. I went on and spent about $50,000 on designing transparent speaker systems and beds that I could place next to the torso so as to get as much tissue vibration as possible.

My theory being music, as we know it, is simply reorganized vibrations that have always been here. I took music and returned it to its lowest common denominator. What most people don’t know is sound and light are both vibrational and closely connected. i.e the root chakra is red (key C), the sacral is orange (Key D), the stomach is yellow (Key E), heart is green (Key F), and the light spectrum is followed right on up to the crown (top of head) which is violate. Another note is light mostly remains on the surface except for the lower frequencies of red below 1000 nm. Therefore, sound is able to penetrate into the tissue depths of our bodies thus bathing our cells in vibration similar to light. Fact: Ultra violate light does not penetrate water.

I am not implying that one can go into nature and hear these fundamental tones. I am saying that there are the vibrational frequencies that our cells relate to because of the similarity to the light spectrum. Light is universal, unlike sound which is unique to earth or other planets with air. Sound is basically moving air and when it is presented to our cells directly, I believe there is a memory that kicks in and it’s like summoning light to the deepest tissues in ones body.

The proof is in the pudding. I have countless clients that have achieved profound results from these sessions including but not limited to; end of life euphoria, cancer, depression, forgiveness, deep relaxation, organ balancing transcendental meditation etc. I have built several sound chambers and treat people ongoing. In preliminary tests of three clients, the Beta 2 was raised as much as 242% above baseline. We believe it’s because of the subconscious becoming actively stimulated during the procedure.

13. The Truebudoors